Maven Leadership Alumni World Resources

Digital Classes
The following Digital Classes cover a variety of topics, areas, or focus points that Maven feels might be beneficial to you.
Action Plan Digital Class
10 mins
Helpful Resources
View the Following Pages for some recommended videos, articles, & podcasts on various topics! Feel free to send any suggestions to include to Adam.
Equity Resources
Mindful Conversations Resources
Bias & Privilege Resources
Guided Exercises
The Following Guided Exercises will walk you through the process of completing different frameworks.
Empathy Map Guided Exercise
Empathy Map Print-Out
266 KB
Action Plan Guided Exercise
BARE Videos
Enjoy the BARE Series, starring your fellow Mavens
BARE w/ Alex
1 min
BARE w/ Jasmen
1 min
BARE w/ Anthony
1 min
BARE w/ Kyle
1 min
BARE w/ Linda
2 mins
BARE w/ Mike
1 min
BARE w/ Tremaine
1 min
BARE w/ Octavia
1 min
Clips from Maven Rising
Look Back at some snippets from the 2019 Maven Rising Closing Panel.
Leigh-Ann on Scale vs Purpose
3 mins
Alia on Achieving Collective Impact
2 mins
Octavia on Her Why
2 mins
Alia on Stories & Selfcare
3 mins
Kristine on Resilience and Child Welfare
6 mins
Leigh-Ann Defines Ecosystem
7 mins